Actual Life 2: A Synth-Pop Diary of Hard Times

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Actual Life 2 (February 2-October 15 2021) is one of the most introspective and personal albums I've listened to in a while. As a record producer and fan of electronic and synth music, I appreciate the unique approach that the British multi-instrumentalist took in creating this album. He used found sounds, vocal clips, and a variety of electronic tools like ElectraX and Splice Beat Maker to craft a musical diary of the most difficult 8-month period of his life.

The songs in Actual Life 2 feature catchy beats and melodies that capture the ups and downs of everyday life. From the lip gloss song 'Billie (Your Loving Arms)' to the poignant 'Hannah (The Sun)' and the groovy 'Faisal (Envelops Me)', the album has a little bit of everything for fans of synth-pop, electro pop, and even drill music in Zion. The drum roll sound and the use of vinyl days logic add a vintage touch to the overall sound, which I think works well with the themes of nostalgia and reflection in the album.

If you're an aspiring musician or simply a music enthusiast, you'll appreciate the online drum machine and the online audio trimmer that the artist used to create some of the tracks in Actual Life 2. You can also benefit from the Landr mastering service that he used to give the final touch to the tracks.

- Unique approach to music production that blends found sounds and electronic tools
- Catchy beats and melodies that capture the ups and downs of everyday life
- Features a variety of electronic genres, from synth-pop to drill music in Zion
- Use of vintage elements like vinyl days logic that add a nostalgic touch to the sound
- Online drum machine and audio trimmer available for aspiring musicians
- Use of Landr mastering service to give the final touch to the tracks

- Some tracks may feel overly introspective or personal for some listeners

Overall, Actual Life 2 is a great album that showcases the talent and creativity of a young and passionate musician. It's a synth-pop diary of hard times that's relatable, catchy, and deeply personal. Whether you're a fan of Vince Staples magic or Tyler the Creator cal, you'll find something to enjoy in this album.

Bottom line: Actual Life 2 is a unique and personal blend of synth-pop, electro pop, and even drill music in Zion that captures the ups and downs of everyday life. Recommended for fans of electronic music and anyone looking for a relatable and catchy musical diary. Rating: 8/10.

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