The Novation Summit Synthesizer: A Summit of Sound

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Are you looking to elevate your audio production game? Look no further than the Novation Summit Two-Part 16-Voice 61-Key Polyphonic Synthesizer. As a music producer who specializes in several types of EDM, Hip-Hop, and Pop beats, I can confidently say that this synthesizer is a game-changer.

The Summit Synthesizer has so many features that will make any music producer geek out. One of my favorite features is its two-part multitimbral engine, which allows for layering of sounds and playing two different patches at once. The 61-key keyboard is also a plus, making it easier to play complex chords and melodies. And with 16 voices, you can create some truly massive and lush sounds.

This synthesizer is perfect for any music producer who wants to take their sound to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer, the Summit Synthesizer has something for everyone. The ability to create unique and complex sounds will make your music stand out, and the ease of use will give you more time to focus on the creative process.

- Two-part multitimbral engine
- 61-key keyboard
- 16 voices
- Massive and lush sounds

- Expensive

In conclusion, the Novation Summit Two-Part 16-Voice 61-Key Polyphonic Synthesizer is a must-have for any serious music producer. With its plethora of features and ease of use, it's a game-changer in the audio production world. Whether you're making EDM, Hip-Hop, or Pop beats, this synthesizer will take your sound to the next level.

Bottom Line:
Novation Summit Synthesizer is the pinnacle of music production equipment, and it's worth every penny. 8.5/10.

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