The Ringmaster: A Musical Journey Worth Taking

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Are you looking for an album that combines electronic, deep and tropical house, and techno music, all in one? Look no further than The Ringmaster, the debut studio album from Dutch DJ and music producer Bakermat.

As a music maker, I was blown away by the versatility and lengths showcased in this ten-track project. The album features chart-topping singles like "Baiana´" and "Partystarter", as well as collabs with Alex Clare, Emily Lind, and more.

The Ringmaster is a perfect fit for those who love types of EDM, especially when mixed with jazz and soul influences. It's also great for music producers looking for inspiration or just a fun listen.

- A great mix of different music genres
- Top-notch collabs with talented artists
- Limited edition vinyl available for collectors

- Some may find the album's sound too minimalist
- The limited edition vinyl may sell out quickly

In conclusion, Bakermat's The Ringmaster is a musical journey worth taking, full of catchy beats and unique sounds. I highly recommend giving it a listen, especially if you're a fan of EDM and looking for something new.

Bottom Line: 9/10

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