The Bass Station II Bundle: Unleash Your Inner Synth Wizard

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Are you looking to take your music production to the next level? Look no further than the Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer Bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to start crafting your own unique sound, from the Bass Station II itself to closed-back studio monitor headphones, a laptop stand, and a 4-port USB hub.

As a record producer, I can attest to the quality and versatility of the Bass Station II. Its pure analogue mono-synth sound is perfect for creating everything from electro pop to drill music in Zion. The two tune-able oscillators and sub-oscillator give you enormous bass, while the two distinct analogue filter types allow for a massive variation in sonic possibilities.

But what really sets the Bass Station II apart is its easy controls for complex design. The controls are laid out in the clearest and most useful way, to keep sound design as straightforward and fun as possible. And with the pattern-based arpeggiator and step sequencer, you'll be able to find new inspiration instantly.

The Bass Station II is also incredibly versatile when it comes to connectivity. It's fully class compliant, so you can plug it into anything via USB and start playing. And with MIDI I/O on 5 pin din ports, you can connect your other MIDI gear, or even an external instrument to run it through the Bass Station II's analogue filter and effects.


- Pure analogue mono-synth sound is perfect for a wide range of music genres
- Easy controls for complex sound design
- Pattern-based arpeggiator and step sequencer for instant inspiration
- Versatile connectivity options


- The bundle only comes in black, so if you're looking for a more colorful setup, you'll have to purchase accessories separately.

Overall, the Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer Bundle is a must-have for any music producer looking to unlock their full creative potential. The sound quality, versatility, and easy controls make it a great fit for anyone from beginners to experienced synth wizards. So what are you waiting for? Let the magic of the Bass Station II take your music to the next level.

Bottom Line: If you're serious about music production, the Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer Bundle is an investment you won't regret. 10/10.

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