"Get Your EDM Groove on with Electronic Music Anthology: The Techno Session

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As an EDM producer myself, I was stoked to check out Electronic Music Anthology: The Techno Session. This compilation album features some of the top techno tracks from the past few years, including hits from cream of the crop artists like Wu-Tang Clan. What makes this collection stand out is the variety of sounds and styles it offers, from rave-ready bangers to more introspective electronica tracks.

If you're a DJ looking to add to your music video production or just a fan of electronic music in general, I highly recommend checking out this album. It's perfect for those who want to get their EDM groove on and discover new artists and songs. With 3 CDs and 50 tracks in total, there's plenty of music to choose from and keep you dancing all night long.

One feature that I found particularly useful is the included song keyfinder, which helps you identify the key of each track and mix them seamlessly. The sampler inc. and synthesiser online also provide some fantastic tools to experiment with and create your own beats. Plus, if you're a guitar virtual or music sheet creator, you'll love the pro tunes included in this collection.

Of course, no product is perfect, and there are a couple of cons to this anthology. For one, some of the tracks are a bit dated, so if you're looking for the newest and freshest electronic songs, you might be better off elsewhere. Additionally, while there are some great free audio editing softwares out there like Audacity audio editing, this album doesn't come with any of them.

Overall, if you're looking to expand your music-making horizons and dive into the world of electron music, Electronic Music Anthology: The Techno Session is an excellent choice. With a wide variety of tracks and useful features included, it's sure to please any fan of EDM and top EDM artist.

Bottom Line: Electronic Music Anthology: The Techno Session is a must-have for any DJ or electronic music enthusiast looking for a diverse collection of techno tracks and useful music-making tools. 8.5/10

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