Kurzweil PC4 88-Key: The Synth-Beast for Pro Tunes

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As a top EDM artist, I'm always on the lookout for powerful equipment that can handle my music production demands. The Kurzweil PC4 88-Key Performance Controller and Synthesizer Workstation Bundle is the ultimate keyboard that delivers the most innovative features for professional results. With flash-play technology and 256 voices of V.A.S.T. polyphony, the Kurzweil PC4 guarantees an impressive performance that is ultrafast and unprecedented.

The two gigabytes of factory sounds are impressive, and I love the selection of tailored sounds from the acclaimed Forte, PC3 series, and KORE 64 expansions. With the Kurzweil PC4, I can easily load up to 2 GB of my own custom samples into non-volatile flash memory, making it a sampler inc in itself. The PC4 also grants full access to Kurzweil’s legendary Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology directly from the front panel, allowing me to create unique sounds that stand out in the industry.

The bundle also includes an adjustable double X keyboard stand and an adjustable X-style keyboard bench, which are comfortable and suitable for extended playing sessions. The closed-back studio monitor headphones are perfect for listening to electronic songs and EDM rave tracks while keeping my music private. I also appreciate the keyboard piano-style sustain pedal, which is great for live performances.

- 256 voices of V.A.S.T. polyphony
- 2 gigabytes of factory sounds
- Patented Flash Play Technology
- Two gigabytes user sample memory
- V.A.S.T. editing
- Adjustable double X keyboard stand, adjustable X-style keyboard bench, closed-back studio monitor headphones, and keyboard piano-style sustain pedal included

- Expensive

Bottom Line:
The Kurzweil PC4 88-Key Performance Controller and Synthesizer Workstation Bundle is an excellent investment for music producers who want to create pro tunes and experiment with different sounds. With flash-play technology, V.A.S.T. polyphony, and factory presets organized into 13 categories of Programs, the Kurzweil PC4 is a synthesizer online that guarantees professional results. I rate it 9/10!

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