Korg Prologue: The Synth That'll Have You Raving Like Wu-Tang Clan

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Wassup everybody, it's your boy DJ Ace, back at it again with another review of a sick piece of gear that'll take your music to the next level! Today, I'm talking about the Korg Prologue 61-Key 16-Voice Analog Synthesizer. And let me tell you, this thing is the real deal if you're looking to create some pro tunes.

First off, this baby has 16 voices of analog, FM, and wavetable synthesis! That means you can create all kinds of electron music, from EDM rave bangers to chillout beats. The synth also has a song keyfinder feature that makes it easy to find the right key for your tracks, and a music sheet creator that helps you keep track of your compositions.

As a top EDM artist, I'm always on the lookout for music making softwares and gear that can help me take my music to the next level. And the Korg Prologue definitely delivers. The sampler inc feature lets me add in my own sounds and samples, and the synthesiser online makes it easy to tweak my sounds until they're perfect.

Of course, like any piece of gear, the Korg Prologue has its pros and cons. Here's the rundown:

- 16 voices of synth power
- Easy-to-use song keyfinder and music sheet creator
- Sampler inc and synthesiser online features make it easy to customize your sound

- At $1488, it's definitely a splurge purchase
- Some users have reported that the color options are limited

Overall, I'd say the Korg Prologue is a solid investment if you're serious about making music. With its free audio editing softwares and free recording softwares, you can get started creating pro tunes right out of the box. And with its sleek design and powerful features, this synth is sure to become a staple in any music maker's arsenal.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a high-quality synthesizer that can help you create top EDM songs, the Korg Prologue is definitely worth checking out. I give it an 8 out of 10!

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