DJ Ace's Review: ExcelValley Mono Splitter Y Patch Cables - TS 3.5mm 1/8" E

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Get ready to split your signals with these Mono Splitter Y Patch Cables! ExcelValley provides top quality and durable cables that are perfect for your Eurorack modular synthesizer or any other patching duties that require a mono splitter cable. This 13-pack set comes in a variety of colors, so you can easily keep track of your CV, gate, and audio signals.

These patch cables are constructed with 26AWG stranded copper wire, providing exceptional sound quality. The connectors are nickel plated, giving high corrosion protection. The male plug is slim, which means it won't block adjacent sockets and won't take up precious rack space. Plus, the flexible strain relief ensures that the cables won't get damaged easily.

If you're into electronic songs, EDM rave, or you're a music recording studio near me looking to make your own beats, these cables will definitely come in handy. You can even use them with top EDM artist softwares like The Sampler, Cream Wu-Tang Clan, or Song Keyfinder.

- Durable and top-quality materials
- Flexible strain relief
- Available in a variety of colors
- Slim male plug that won't block adjacent sockets
- Great for splitting audio and CV signals
- Compatible with Roland, Moog, Doepfer, Arturia, Korg, and more

- None, except that they won't make you famous overnight!

In conclusion, the ExcelValley Mono Splitter Y Patch Cables are a great addition to any music producer's toolkit. They are perfect for those looking to create unique beats and sounds with their synthesizers. These cables are durable, flexible, and come in a variety of colors that make them easy to keep track of. With these cables, you'll be able to split your signals and get more out of your Eurorack system. Overall, we give this product a rating of 8.5 out of 10. Get yours now and start making pro tunes today!

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